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UpdatedDec 7, 2022
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Are you ready to hit the open road and experience the ultimate truck driving simulation? Look no further than Grand Truck Simulator 2, the latest offering from Pulsar Gamesoft. This mobile truck game takes you on an exciting journey through different locations, challenging you with realistic driving physics and dynamic weather conditions. Whether you’re a seasoned trucker or just starting to learn truck driving, this game offers an immersive experience that will make you feel like a real-life truck driver.

Grand Truck Simulator 2 excels in providing players with a meticulously crafted world filled with trucks and trailers, realistic physics, and unpredictability that adds excitement to every journey. Available on the Google Play Store for Android devices, this game is perfect for those who want to start their business in the world of cargo transport. 

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Grand Truck Simulator 2 offers a wide array of features that enhance your driving experience. Let’s dive into some of the standout elements that make this game a must-play for truck simulation enthusiasts.

Realistic Driving Physics

The game’s physics engine provides a layer of realism that sets it apart from other truck driving simulations. You’ll need to manage things like tire pressure, coolant levels, and fuel consumption to keep your truck running smoothly. The realistic driving physics make you feel every bump and turn, adding to the immersive experience.

Dynamic Weather System

One of the most exciting features is the dynamic weather system. Changing weather conditions affect driving conditions, adding unpredictability and excitement to your journeys. From sunny days to stormy nights, you’ll need to adapt your driving style to stay safe on the road.

Customizable Trucks and Trailers

Grand Truck Simulator 2 provides you with tools to customize your rig. From basic truck modifications to more advanced options, you can tailor your vehicle to suit your driving style and preferences. This feature allows you to stand out on the road and make the game truly your own.

Diverse Locations and Maps

The game offers a variety of different locations and maps to explore. Each area presents unique challenges and scenery, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging. New maps are regularly added, expanding the world you can drive through.

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Advanced Vehicle Management

To succeed in Grand Truck Simulator 2, you’ll need to master more than just steering. The game requires you to manage various aspects of your truck, including:

  • Checking tire pressure and temperature
  • Monitoring coolant levels
  • Managing fuel consumption and quality
  • Using turn signals and gearshift paddles
  • Utilizing dash cams and GPS trackers

These elements add a layer of complexity and realism to the game, making each trip a unique challenge.

Cargo Transport Missions

At its core, Grand Truck Simulator 2 is about moving cargo from point A to point B. The game offers a wide variety of missions, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. You’ll need to complete these tasks efficiently to earn money and build your trucking empire.

Multiplayer Mode

For those who enjoy a social aspect to their gaming, Grand Truck Simulator 2 offers a multiplayer mode. You can team up with friends or compete against other players, adding a new dimension to the truck driving experience.


When you first start playing Grand Truck Simulator 2, you’ll be impressed by the attention to detail in the truck driving gameplay. The game provides a tutorial to help you learn the basics of operating your vehicle, including how to use the gearbox, manage your speed, and navigate through different terrains.

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As you progress, you’ll take on more challenging missions that require you to transport various types of cargo. The game’s realistic physics engine means you’ll need to consider factors like weight distribution and road conditions when driving. You’ll also need to keep an eye on your fuel consumption and make strategic stops to refuel and rest.

The dynamic weather system adds another layer of complexity to the gameplay. You might start a journey in clear conditions, only to find yourself battling through a rainstorm halfway through. This unpredictability keeps you on your toes and makes each trip feel unique.

One of the most engaging aspects of Grand Truck Simulator 2 is the ability to customize and upgrade your trucks. As you earn money from completed missions, you can invest in better vehicles, add new features, or improve your existing truck’s performance. This progression system gives you a sense of achievement and something to work towards as you play.

The game also offers various camera angles, allowing you to switch between first-person and third-person views. This flexibility lets you choose the perspective that works best for you, whether you prefer the immersion of a driver’s seat view or the broader perspective of seeing your entire truck on the road.

While the main focus is on single-player missions, the multiplayer mode adds a competitive element to the game. You can challenge other players to races or cooperate on long-haul missions, adding a social dimension to the trucking experience.


Grand Truck Simulator 2 Mod AP is more than just a game – it’s a comprehensive truck driving simulation that offers players an immersive and realistic experience. With its attention to detail, from the physics engine to the dynamic weather system, this game sets a new standard for mobile truck simulations.

If you’re looking for a game that combines the thrill of the open road with the complexity of managing a trucking business, Grand Truck Simulator 2 is definitely worth checking out. With regular updates adding new maps, weather effects, and features, the game continues to evolve and improve.

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