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UpdatedJun 13, 2024
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Idle Lumber Empire Mod APK is a brand new idle simulation game that allows you to build and manage your own lumber business. In this game, you will oversee everything from forest management and exploitation to wood processing and customer service. With the help of the latest mods, you can enjoy features like free in-app purchases, unlimited skill points, and enhanced gameplay. Welcome to Lumber Inc, where you can become a lumber tycoon and build a thriving lumber empire.

Features of Idle Lumber Empire Mod APK

Free Purchase

One of the standout features of this mod apk is the ability to make free purchases within the game. This means you can acquire all the necessary resources and upgrades without spending real money, allowing you to focus on building your empire.

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Unlimited Skill Points

With unlimited skill points, you can enhance your characters and operations to maximize efficiency. This feature ensures that your lumberjack and other workers perform at their best, making your business more productive.

Unlimited Bizpoints and Pearls

The mod also provides unlimited bizpoints and pearls, which are crucial for purchasing new equipment and upgrades. These resources help you expand your operations and keep up with the increasing demands of your lumber business.

Efficient Forest Management and Exploitation

In Idle Lumber Empire, you will manage forests and exploit them sustainably. Plant new trees and manage your resources wisely to ensure a continuous supply of wood. This aspect of the game teaches you about responsible forestry practices. You can also Download Idle Bank Tycoon Mod APK from our site with Similar Features.

Harvest Logs Efficiently

Use log trucks and other machinery to harvest logs efficiently. The game features a variety of equipment that can be upgraded to improve your harvesting capabilities. Efficient log harvesting is key to meeting your production goals.

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Wood Processing and Workshop Management

After harvesting the logs, you need to process the wood and meet daily production targets. Manage your wood workshop, upgrade your equipment, and carefully service customers to keep your business running smoothly.

Hire More People and Expand Your Empire

As your business grows, you will need to hire more people to keep up with the demand. Recruit skilled workers and expand your operations by purchasing more lands to green and build new facilities. This expansion is crucial for becoming a lumber tycoon.


Start Small, Dream Big

You begin the game with a small lumber business. As you play, you will gradually expand your operations by investing in new equipment, hiring more workers, and managing your resources efficiently. Your ultimate goal is to build a thriving lumber empire.

Efficient Resource Management

Managing resources is a critical aspect of the game. From planting new trees to harvesting logs and processing wood, every step requires careful planning and execution. Efficient resource management ensures a steady supply of raw materials and smooth operations.

Chain Production System

The game features a chain production system where each step in the production process is interconnected. From forest management to wood processing and customer service, every aspect of your business needs to be optimized for maximum efficiency.

Character Upgrades

Each character in the game has a unique face that makes it easy for players to identify them. Upgrade your characters to improve their skills and productivity. The unlimited skill points provided by the mod apk make this process more accessible and enjoyable.

New Equipment and Technologies

As you progress in the game, you will unlock new equipment and technologies that can improve your operations. Invest in these upgrades to stay competitive and meet the growing demands of your customers.

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Engaging Storyline and Challenges

Idle Lumber Empire offers an engaging storyline and various challenges that keep the gameplay interesting. From managing customer demands to expanding your operations, every aspect of the game is designed to keep you engaged and entertained.

Currency and Resource Management

The mod apk ensures that your currency never decreases, allowing you to make necessary purchases and upgrades without worrying about running out of money. This feature helps you focus on building and expanding your empire.


Idle Lumber Empire Mod APK is more than just a game; it’s a comprehensive simulation of the lumber industry. As the owner of a lumber empire, you will face various challenges, from forest management and log harvesting to wood processing and customer service. With its engaging gameplay, unlimited resources, and rich features, Idle Lumber Empire is a must-play for fans of idle simulation games.

Whether you’re managing log trucks, investing in new equipment, or expanding your operations, Idle Lumber Empire offers a rewarding experience that will keep you hooked.

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