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UpdatedJun 15, 2024
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Welcome to the wonderful world of My Cruise Mod APK! If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a luxurious cruise ship and sailing to exotic destinations, this simulation game is for you. Developed by Focus Apps, My Cruise Mod APK offers an immersive experience where you can design, manage, and upgrade your very own luxury cruise liner. The game provides endless fun with unlimited money and diamonds, allowing you to create the perfect vacation experience for your guests.

Features of My Cruise

Unlimited Money and Diamonds

One of the standout features of My Cruise Mod APK is the unlimited money and diamonds. These resources are essential for upgrading your ship’s amenities and making your cruise the best it can be. Whether you want to build a new swimming pool or add a fancy restaurant, the sky’s the limit with these unlimited resources.

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Luxurious Cabins

Design your dream cabins to accommodate all services. From ordinary cabins to VIP suites, you have the freedom to create a wide variety of rooms to suit different guests’ needs. Your creativity is the only limit when it comes to making your cabins as luxurious and comfortable as possible.

Customizable Amenities

Customization options in My Cruise Mod APK are vast. You can add various amenities like movie theaters, juice bars, and fantasy malls at sea. This not only enhances the guest experience but also adds realism to the game. The more amenities you add, the more your cruise ship becomes a bustling city on the move.

Guest Interaction

Engaging gameplay involves interacting with guests, meeting many wealthy people, including movie actors, and providing them with the best service. Guest satisfaction is key to the success of your cruise, so focus on making every guest’s experience unforgettable.

Build and Upgrade

In My Cruise Mod APK, you can build and upgrade various parts of your ship. From the dining area to the entertainment zones, each upgrade makes your ship more appealing and luxurious. The mod version allows you to invest in these upgrades without worrying about running out of resources.

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Management Simulation

As the cruise ship captain, you have to manage all aspects of your ship. This includes ensuring that all amenities are functioning properly, guests are happy, and the ship is sailing smoothly. The game’s management simulation aspect adds depth and challenge to the gameplay.


My Cruise Mod APK is a mobile game that allows players of all ages to embark on a journey as a cruise ship captain. The game’s goal is to provide the best vacation experience for your guests. You start with a basic cruise ship and gradually upgrade it into a floating paradise. You can also Download Hotel Empire Tycoon Mod APK from our site.

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The gameplay involves various tasks such as:

  • Designing and Customizing: Start by designing your ship and customizing it to your liking. Add luxurious cabins, fancy restaurants, and entertainment zones.
  • Building and Upgrading: Use your unlimited money and diamonds to build new amenities and upgrade existing ones. This will help attract more guests and make your ship more luxurious.
  • Guest Interaction: Meet and interact with guests to ensure they are satisfied. Handle their requests and complaints promptly to keep them happy.
  • Management Tasks: As a captain, you need to manage your crew, ensure safety protocols are followed, and navigate the ship to different destinations around the world.

The immersive experience of managing a luxury cruise ship is enhanced by the game’s realistic graphics and sound effects. Every decision you make affects the success of your cruise, so plan carefully and dare to invest in your dream vacation ship.


My Cruise Mod APK offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that allows you to set sail on a journey to build and manage your luxury cruise liner. With features like unlimited money and diamonds, customizable cabins and amenities, and stunning graphics, this game provides endless fun for players of all ages.

What's new

Hello Captains,We’re excited to announce the latest update for our cruise game:
•Streamlined beginner tutorials for easy access.
•Enhanced interface and controls for a better gaming experience.
•Added archiving function.
•New Facebook login feature.
•Fix known bugs.
We hope these improvements bring you more joy in maritime exploration. Thank you for your support.