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UpdatedJune 12, 2024
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Welcome to the world of Oil Mining 3D, a captivating simulation game where you become a tycoon by extracting rich oil from the depths of the earth. Developed by Sablo Studio, this game offers an exciting experience that will keep you hooked for hours. Whether you’re an idle game enthusiast or a fan of tycoon games, Oil Mining 3D Mod APK is designed to cater to all.


Rich Oil Extraction

The primary feature of Oil Mining 3D is its realistic oil extraction process. You start by drilling into oil wells and gradually increase the amount of equipment you use to extract more oil. This satisfying oil mining game ensures you feel the thrill of becoming a rich oil miner as you watch the barrels of oil accumulate.

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Upgrade Your Equipment

Upgrading your rigs and other mining machines is crucial to speeding up the mining process. The game allows you to use the currency you earn to enhance your equipment, making it easier to extract oil in no time. This feature ensures continuous improvement and keeps the gameplay engaging.

Idle Earnings

One of the most appealing aspects of Oil Mining 3D is its idle earnings feature. Even when you’re not actively playing, your oil rigs continue to extract oil automatically. This means you can continuously earn rewards and accumulate wealth without constant supervision.

Become a Tycoon

As you extract more oil and upgrade your equipment, you gradually become an oil tycoon. The game simulates the journey of managing an oil company, making strategic decisions, and expanding into new areas. It’s a fulfilling experience that mirrors real-life business management.

Various Mining Machines

The game offers many different types of mining machines, each with unique capabilities. These machines are used to upgrade your operations and increase efficiency. The variety ensures that the gameplay remains fresh and exciting as you discover new ways to enhance your oil extraction process.

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Transport and Shipping

Transporting your extracted oil is a critical part of the game. You can manage transport trains and other shipping methods to ensure your oil reaches the market. Efficient transport is key to maximizing your profits and becoming the richest oil miner in the world.

Expanding Oil Fields

Expanding into new oil fields is another exciting feature. As you progress, you’ll have the opportunity to explore and extract oil from new areas, increasing your potential to make billions. This feature keeps the game dynamic and offers endless opportunities for growth. You can also Download Idle Construction 3D Mod APK from our site.


The gameplay of Oil Mining 3D is straightforward yet incredibly engaging. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Start Drilling

Begin by drilling into your first oil well. Tap on the screen to operate the drilling rig and start extracting oil. The more you tap, the faster you’ll extract oil.

Upgrade Your Equipment

Use the oil you extract to earn currency, which can then be used to upgrade your equipment. Upgraded equipment means faster extraction and higher profits. Make sure to continuously improve your rigs and other machines.

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Expand Your Operations

As you accumulate wealth, expand your operations into new oil fields. This not only increases your potential earnings but also adds a layer of strategy to the game as you decide which areas to invest in.

Manage Transport

Efficiently manage the transport and shipping of your oil. Use transport trains and other methods to ensure your oil reaches the market. This step is crucial for maximizing your profits.

Idle Earnings

Take advantage of the idle earnings feature. Even when you’re not playing, your rigs will continue to extract oil, ensuring you never stop earning.


Oil Mining 3D by Sablo Studio is more than just a game; it’s a simulation of what it takes to become a successful oil tycoon. With its realistic oil extraction process, upgradeable equipment, and idle earnings feature, it offers a satisfying and engaging experience. Whether you’re looking to pass the time or become the world’s richest oil miner, Oil Mining 3D is the perfect app for you.