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If you’ve ever dreamed of piloting a plane, a real flight simulator game can make it feel like you’re in the cockpit. These games offer an immersive experience that’s as close as you can get to real flying without leaving your living room.

With realistic graphics, accurate controls, and a wide variety of aircraft to choose from, flight simulators have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pilot, there’s a flight simulator game out there for you.

Stay tuned as we delve into the world of real flight simulator games, exploring their features, benefits, and why they’re a must-have for aviation enthusiasts.

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Top Features to Look for in a Real Flight Simulator Game

As an aviation enthusiast or aspiring pilot, you’ll want a gaming experience that mirrors reality as closely as possible. Here are some key features you should look for when eyeing the best flight simulator games.

Realism and Simulation

The key element to look for in a game like RFS Real Flight Simulator is the level of realism. The graphic design should include realistic 3D buildings and high resolution satellite imagery for an immersive experience. Every takeoff and landing, taxiways and departure, should feel like you’re in the cockpit of a real plane. The working parts of the aircraft, including the landing gear, should function just like they would in a real aircraft, adding to the authenticity of the simulation.

Further, the game should simulate actual weather conditions, providing variability in the gameplay and a unique challenge in each session. It’s also important that the game incorporates ATC procedures and communications to mirror real-life air traffic control interactions.

Customizable Aircraft and Liveries

Another feature to consider in a flight simulator is the ability to customize your aircraft and liveries. Choices add to the gameplay experience, and allow you to tailor the game to your interests. Whether you’re flying a jumbo jet or a small Cessna, being able to customize the look and feel of your plane, right down to the liveries, enhances the immersive experience.

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ETE and Flight Time Indicator

An ETE – that’s Estimated Time Enroute – and flight time indicator may seem like a small thing, but it’s a detail that can transform your gaming experience. If the simulator is a flight simulator that accurately provides the ETE and flight time, you’ll have a better understanding of your flight plan management. It’s these touches that make the difference between a good and the best flight simulator game.

Aircraft Selection

Finally, a wide selection of aircraft is a feature every top flight simulator should have. Every plane should be modelled on real aircraft, right down to the cockpit. You’ll want a game that offers a plethora of planes to fly. From small private jets to large commercial airlines, each flight should be a unique experience. The more extensive the selection, the better you can enjoy the thrill of flying anything, anywhere in the world. The real-time flights also offer an opportunity for multiplayer gameplay where you can fly together with hundreds of other pilots throughout the game.

By now, you’re well-armed with information to help you find the perfect real flight simulator game. Look for these essential features, and you’ll feel like you’re taking to the skies as a real pilot. Just remember: the journey to becoming a real pilot in RFS, or any other game, goes well beyond the throttle – it’s all about the immersive, unique experience of flying. The quest for finding that perfect flight simulator is ongoing, just like the thrill of soaring through the virtual sky.

Graphics and Visuals

As we dive deeper into what makes a real flight simulator game stand out, let’s talk about one of the crucial elements – Graphics and Visuals. You may ask, does it really matter? Indeed, it does! Visuals are vital in creating that “wow” factor, the remarkable touch that gives the feel of becoming a real pilot.

First off, let’s venture into the cockpit, the flight’s control room. Look out for simulators with a real cockpit view and working parts, like landing gear and advanced multi-panel systems for monitor controls. I adore games that precisely mimic real-life aircraft, right down to the tiniest detail.

Moreover, the outside views matter just as much. Watch for games incorporating realistic 3D buildings and HD airports, with stunning satellite imagery providing a scenic tapestry throughout the game. Months back, I got hands-on with Rortos flight simulator, and boy, it was practically surreal. The multitude of lively liveries, dynamic weather conditions, and take-off views were nothing short of impressive.

Remember, top-notch graphics fraught with the minutiae of aviation ensure an experience akin to a real pilot, and isn’t that the aim? Nonetheless, it’s not just about glitz but also how it improves gameplay. Suppose you’re keen to fly anywhere in the world, real time – emphasis on advanced flight, realistic weather conditions, and ATC procedures. This utterly immersive aura is possible only with sophisticated graphics and attention to detail.

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When considering flight simulators, don’t underestimate the pull of exquisite Graphics and Visuals. Brace yourself for that unique experience of flying over taxiways leading to the runway and navigating through air traffic control, throughout the journey, depending on overall weather conditions and ongoing flights.


Stepping into the shoes of a real pilot in a simulator like RFS (Rortos Flight Simulator) is not just about astounding visuals. It’s equally about the Gameplay. In any truly advanced flight simulator, every cockpit control works as it would in a real aircraft. The buttons, switches, indicator lights, and even the landing gear function with meticulous precision. The reason behind this sophistication is simple – immersiveness. The more realistic the flight, the deeper the penetration into the intriguing world of aviation.

Gameplay also involves managing flight plans and simulating air traffic control. Authentic simulations capture the complexity of ATC procedures and communications to navigate you from departure to arrival.

I also can’t gloss over the prospect of multiplayer. This should excite those yearning for a social dimension to flight simulation. Picture this: hundreds of other pilots participating in real-time flights anywhere in the world. This is an incredibly interactive experience, providing valuable lessons in forming alliances and dealing with simulated air traffic.

But what was that about full control? It’s about more than just mastering the takeoff and landing maneuvers. It’s the culmination of managing cockpit controls, adjusting to changing weather conditions, interacting with ATC – essentially, everything that a real pilot does in a flight.

This unique experience afforded by Rortos and other such advanced multi panel system simulators transcends ordinary gaming. It’s an engaging blend of skill, knowledge, precision, and excitement. This amalgamation, without doubt, makes it the best flight simulation experience for anyone striving to become a real pilot.

How to Improve Your Skills in a Real Flight Simulator Game

Decent flying in a real flight simulator game like RFS isn’t a walk in the park. To become a real pilot in RFS and experience all the game’s intrinsics, meticulous learning and training are crucial. Let’s look at areas that’ll aid in refining your flight simulation skills.

Firstly, grasp the workings of cockpit mechanics. A simulator’s cockpit isn’t window dressing: it’s got working parts with specific roles. Master your cockpit controls and your command over the flying machine will take off, quite literally.

Next, weather conditions. Rortos, among the best flight simulators, offers dynamic weather conditions. Challenges you might face include strong winds, downpours, and fluctuating temperatures. By understanding these factors, you’ll gain an upper hand over flight controls in any conditions.

Understanding ATC procedures and communications is a must-have skill. RFS, with its advanced multi-panel system, will guide you through departure and arrival processes, making you feel like a real pilot.

In multiplayer mode, share airspace with hundreds of other pilots. This presents you with a unique opportunity to learn by observing how other players manage their flights in real-time.

Lastly, invest time in practising takeoff and landing gear operations – they’re complex skills that require precision timing, and take patience to master.

These are just the basics. Immerse yourself fully into the virtual world of flight simulation for a truly unique experience.


Mastering a real flight simulator game like RFS isn’t just about fun. It’s about honing your aviation skills in the virtual world. From cockpit mechanics to weather conditions, every aspect needs your attention. Don’t forget the ATC procedures – they’re crucial. Multiplayer mode? It’s a real-time learning platform. And perfecting those takeoff and landing operations? That’s your ticket to a comprehensive flight simulation experience. So, buckle up and get ready to soar in the world of flight simulation. It’s your time to fly, pilot!

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