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UpdatedJun 27, 2024
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Dive into the world of oil magnates with Oil Era Mod APK—a game that turns the quest for black gold into a thrilling adventure. Download Oil Era and start your journey. Developed by Sofish Games, this game offers players a chance to manage their own oil empire right from their Android devices. It’s not just about drilling; it’s about strategy, growth, and turning a wasteland into a thriving oil hub. 

Features of Oil Era Mod APK

Unlimited Money 

The latest version of Oil Era Mod APK comes with an enticing feature: unlimited money. This allows you to rapidly expand your operations, upgrade equipment, and buy land without the usual financial constraints.

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Build Your Oil Refinery

A key feature of the game is your ability to build and manage your own oil refinery. Transform crude oil into more valuable oil products, which you can sell at a higher price. This not only boosts your profits but also adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay.

Advanced Drilling Techniques

As you progress, you’ll unlock techniques to improve your oil drilling operations. From using sophisticated drilling rigs to even using explosives for extraction, every method offers unique advantages and challenges in your quest to find oil.

Develop and Sell Oil

The core of your business in Oil Era is to develop oil fields, like the famous Daqing Oil Field, and sell the extracted oil. You’ll need to manage the entire supply chain—from extraction to shipping—to ensure maximum profitability. You can also Download Oil Mining 3D Mod APK from our site.

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Continual Upgrades

Invest your earnings wisely to continually upgrade your tools and techniques. Each upgrade helps you extract oil more efficiently and reduces operational costs, driving up your bottom line.

Simulation and Strategy

Oil Era blends simulation with deep strategic elements. You’ll need to plan your investments, choose your development projects, and expand your scale smartly to outmaneuver competitors and dominate the market.

Environmental and Economic Challenges

Face real-world challenges like managing environmental impacts and fluctuating oil prices. This adds a realistic layer to the game, making it not just fun but also a test of your crisis management skills.


Starting Your Empire

Begin your journey in a modest setting with basic equipment. Your first task is to lay the pipes and start extracting crude oil. As a prospector, every drop of oil counts towards your fortune. As a prospector, every drop of oil counts towards your fortune. As you sell your initial barrels, you’ll earn money to enter into more ambitious projects.

Expanding Your Operations

As you earn more money, expand your operations by acquiring more land and accessing richer oil fields through smart bidding strategies. Each new field offers unique challenges and opportunities, requiring you to adapt your strategies.

Managing the Refinery

Your refinery is where crude oil is transformed into valuable products. Managing your refinery efficiently is crucial. Optimize processes and upgrade facilities to make more valuable products and sell them at higher prices.

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Strategic Development

Use your business acumen to make strategic decisions. Whether it’s buying the best equipment, expanding your refinery, or negotiating land development rights, each choice will impact your journey to becoming an oil tycoon.

Economic Decisions

Pricing your oil correctly is key to maximizing revenue. Monitor global market trends and adjust your prices to sell oil at a higher price. Use your earnings to further expand your empire and improve your operations.

Challenges and Achievements

Face off against competitors and navigate through economic downturns and environmental issues with strategic bidding and exploration. Achieving set milestones will not only boost your empire but also unlock new capabilities and rewards.


Oil Era Mod APK offers an engaging mix of strategy, management, and simulation, wrapped in the exciting world of oil extraction and refinement. With unlimited money in the latest version, you’re free to experiment with different business strategies and rapidly expand your empire. The game’s depth—from drilling to selling, from economic management to environmental considerations—ensures that every player can find a unique path to success.

Whether you’re a seasoned simulation gamer or a newcomer interested in the development of the petroleum industry, Oil Era provides a comprehensive platform to test your managerial skills and business instincts. Want to download the mod version of Oil Era? It’s available for a limited time, so grab your installation package and start building your oil dynasty today.

Embark on the road to become an oil tycoon, help your people prosper, and recreate a city that thrives on the success of your oil empire. With Oil Era, the world of black gold is at your fingertips. Ready to make your fortune in oil? Let’s drill, refine, and conquer!

What's new

- Function of switching game styles added (in game settings)
- Optimized oil-digging experience
- Performance improved